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Advice Needed: “My Fiancée And A Man Are Living Together, She Said It’s Nothing!”


I recently paid my fiancée an hagast visit where she works only to discover that this girl has been occupying an apartment with a single door lobby as entry and exit comprising only two rooms with a male senior colleague.

I know many of us especially ladies will argue it doesnt matter. But I have since then been processing all her past suspicious actions , namely: she seldom answer her phone if i call in evenings (between 7 – 2am usually). At 2am she usually calls back that she saw my calls but she was asleep.

website maintenance and social media management

Ater that visit i began putting video calls though, she ignores mostly.

I told her she must look for a roommate and she has since then been adamant about it.

I love her and I have had many terrible dreams about her cheating long before I visited the place (God bears me witness) but i couldn’t just relate the nightmares to her. 

I’m at the verge of breaking up with her, but what if shes innocent This is why I need to compare various stand points.


website maintenance and social media management
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