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Isi Gate: See What Actually Caused IPOB, Hausas And Soldiers Clash In Umuahia


I was in the shop, all of a sudden people started running, I came out to see Hausa men and women running to safety.

I was then meant to understand that IPOBs were beating and chasing them away because they IPOBs alleged that the army officers stationed at isi gate beat up an Ibo man(Keke driver) mercilessly and took him away. The IPOBs were aggravated because all the Army officers stationed there are all Hausas and that led them to beat up the Hausas around there.

website maintenance and social media management

The Army officers came back and saw what the IPOBs did to the Hausas, they had to call an Armored vehicle and started chasing the IPOBs away from there, they shot tear gas and guns randomly before they entered into the nearby streets chasing people away and damaging both cars and Keke napep.. it wasn’t funny oooo. Some IPOB People lost their goods and other items while the Hausas were left out of the drama as they(hausas) were busy with there business at Isi gate.

NB: I heard what started the fracas was that an army officer was beaten up by a Keke driver who he wanted to punish and that the Keke driver disarmed him and used the bottom of the gun to hit the officer’s head. The army officers there poured out there anger on other Keke men… the main message that the IPOBs there said the wanted to send was that they don’t need hausa Army officers because the officers don’t treat them with respect.

website maintenance and social media management
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