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QUESTION OF THE DAY: In A Relationship Is It Ok To Hit A Woman If….?


Is it acceptable for a man to hit a woman in any of these situations below.

If you see your partner .. literally abusing your child physically , mentally to the point she wants to take the child’s life ..
it is ok to slap the woman.. beat her well as if she was the child ?

website maintenance and social media management

You catch her on top of another man red handed !
Is this good enough reason ? If yes why

She attacks your Mother physically
Is this good enough reason? If yes why

She hit you first !
What do you do ?

We hear and read about stories or have witnessed women being violent if the situation was reversed…. and this is justified because they a women why?
Men if put in this situations listed above how will you handle it …
Over to you …

P.S When two couples are in a relationship violence from either male or female .. should not be condoned …it is just plain wrong ! Any form of domestic violence should be reported .

website maintenance and social media management
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