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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Is Travelling Out Of Nigeria Only Way To Escape The Harsh Economic Situation?


Recently i have been under lots of pressure from friends and family asking me to try and get a visa to leave the country, but i have declined.

I understand that things are not well organised in this country but travelling out to me is like putting yourself in an uncertain situation , you don’t even know what to expect when you get there

website maintenance and social media management

The most annoying for me is the fear of being denied a visa again after trying some years back 

I will prefer to rather put my money into a small business here in Nigeria no matter how small and try to grow from there 

At least i know some people that have travelled out of the country for years and when ever they come back home they still cant afford a house of their own, they stay with relatives that has never even been to Ghana before 

website maintenance and social media management
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