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QUESTION OF THE DAY: What Are The Craziest Things You Have Ever Done For Love?


Just wanted to know things we all do or have done for Love, how Embarrassed has it made you thinking back to the past and if you are still sacrificing alot in the name of Love do you think its worth it.

Tell me what have you done for love.

For me, i have done the craziest things which are 

1] Drive @ 2.00am in the Morning to see my EX – craziest

2] Give my only Laptop for love

3] Spent my allowance on a woman 

4] left school to be with a woman – silly 

5] Slept in a car waiting for my woman to come back from hanging with d gurls 

6] Risked my life a million times to travel just to see a lady ( Night Bus runz)

7] Abandoned my friends to be with anyone i was with

In the End, i am not with any of these people. when person love sha, mumu dey do am

When i think back on this i laugh my head off. i am not glad i did it but i was really stupid! ;DConfession time everyone. 

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