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QUESTION OF THE DAY: What This Lady Wore To A Club Is It Fashion Or Madness?


I really want to read the mind of some of u ladies who expose ur privates out to the public. Ok let me put it this way and let’s all get into their heads…

U get up from bed.. take a shower 🚿.. look at ur self in the mirror and say to urself…”today am going to “Nicki Minaj” myself and slay my breast”. Then u look for an open outfit..

website maintenance and social media management

Dress up with no bra.. then just like a Technicien u carve a black tape as an X to and cover my nipples. Nope pple.. which other way can we discribe witchcraft??

Some of u out there are practically practicing witchcraft and try to convince the world with the name fashion.Some of u wanna copy Niki but forgot to the saying that “KNOW THY SELF”


website maintenance and social media management
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free website design tutorial. No codding
Free Website Design tutorial. No Coding

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