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QUESTION OF THE DAY: What Was Your Most Embarrassing Moment Back In Secondary School?

Secondary School Student

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Good Morning Nigerians, I hope you had a great Weekend?. Meanwhile, I felt we shouldn’t be up this Morning with Monday blues all over, so I decided we had some fun by sharing our experiences with each other.
I would like to ask, what was you most embarrassing Moment in your Secondary School life

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Mine happened Years ago, There’s a day we usually call Judgement Day in our School, where the Proprietor would be present during the assembly and assess each students Class by Class based on the number of Red pen they have on their Mid Term Report Sheets , When a Red pen is used in writing a grade, it could amount to 5 or 6 strokes of the Cane, then think of when you have like four to five….
And there was this Newly employed, Ugly Man in our School,called Mr. Oshodi, his job is beat Students, nothing more. So on this So called Judgement day, I happened to have 2 grades written in RED! Damn it! So the day before,I had thought of what to do because I knew for sure that I’ll be beaten, and I hate being beaten, I really hate Cane… Especially Horse whips.. So I decided to wear a short, thick Jean, before wearing my School Uniform.
On the D-day, my class was was the next to be dealt with, although we had few who did well, so when it was my turn, I was called upon,I sheepishly mounted the podium, and the saw that I had 2 grades written in Red, so I would be receiving 12 latches. I had already worn the Jean I planned to wear. So I lied down, waiting to be beaten, on receiving the first stroke of the Cane, It really didn’t enter, but I felt something hit me, the second one came, same thing happened, but the Jean was so thick that it did make a sound whenever it was hit, so it made Mr. Oshodi become suspicious that something was fishy, so he felt my trouser, and knew it that it was different from wearing a boxer or pants, Omo come see as I dey shake, He told the Proprietor and he said I should go into one of the empty classes to remove what I wore to dust the strokes of the Cane. Shamefully, I removed it, Lo and behold, it was shown to everyone on the Assembly what I wore, it was as thick as Dried Cow Skin… The whole Assembly exclaimed as I bowed my head in shame. Afterwards, I was given the beating of my life… I was seriously beaten that I could hardly walk. After I was dealt with, I pitifully walked back to the class where I removed the Jean And had to wait till everyone was dismissed form the Assembly. On getting back to my Class, some made fun out of it, some sympathized with me as I wept more bitterly, I was Seriously embarrassed on this so called Day…

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