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QUESTION OF THE DAY: What Was Your Reaction When You Were Caught Cheating Or Caught Your Partner?


Most relationships are built on lies and falsehood because people cheat, most people claim to be in love with their respective partners and succumb to any advances from the opposite sex when the chance arises.

Most people in relationships have been cheated on, I as well (I’m no saint though). To be honest I don’t trust any guy or lady not to cheat, and i don’t get so emotional about it when it happens, I just see it as my cue to return the gesture with her smoking hot close friend and lead her on until I see someone that deems fit to take her place, then I rub it to her face. karma right

website maintenance and social media management

 I have never been caught cheating ( well with someone I’m in a real relationship with, otherwise is not cheating) but my girlfriend.

 She said she couldn’t come over cos she was in severe pains as a thoughtful bf I decided to pay her a surprise visit, lo and behold her pains were caused cos she was being plunged.

 You know I could see that “let the earth swallow me” fear in her eyes, That feeling of been scorned is what you feel at that moment you catch your partner cheating, expect anything from your partner if you are on the other side(on the bed)  you know that feeling of being scorned, I dunno why most people attack the other person and not their partner though, well, crime of passion.

I wasn’t really upset until she did the dumbest thing ever, beg me, like are you for real, the only reasonable excuse is that you were being raped but you were doing the raping, or voodoo was used to control you, or maybe use it on me to be dumb, I don’t go physical with ladies but trust me I wanted to whoop her ass, I just had to walk off there, my only regret is that I didn’t get to return the gesture with her best friend (well, when we were together though)

Share your experiences, be honest, how did you react when you caught your partner cheating, or you were caught in the act. LET THE CONFESSIONS BEGIN!!! 

website maintenance and social media management
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