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QUIT NOTICE: See 5 Main Decisions Reached When Osinbajo Met With Northern And Southeast Leaders


Following the recent ethnic tension all over Nigeria, Acting President Osinbajo, met with leaders from all over Nigeria to quell the tension and reach an agreement on peace.

The meetings were convened to provide a platform for frank and open discussions between the concerned stakeholders on issues relating to the unity, peace and security of Nigeria.

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The meetings touched on various issues relating to the ethnic agitations that have manifested most recently in a call for secession by some groups of youth from the Southeast, and an ultimatum by Northern youths for south-easterners living in the North to leave the region by 1st October 2017.

Below are some agreements reached during the meeting:

1. Condemned all the hateful and divisive rhetoric by the concerned groups of Northern and Southeastern youths.

2. Affirmed the primacy of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the ultimate basis for the unity of Nigeria. That Constitution guarantees freedom of residence and of movement for all Nigerians anywhere in the country, without fear of discrimination or prejudice. 

3. Affirmed the need to draw a line between the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Constitution and the degeneration of expression into hateful rhetoric, prejudice and hatred. Under no circumstances will Government condone or tolerate hate speech in any way or form.

4. Affirmed the necessity of confronting all grievances and frustrations head-on, however uncomfortable that might be in the short-term; instead of ignoring issues and allowing them to fester.

5. Affirmed the need for all leaders and elders, regardless of political or ideological persuasion, to speak out more forcefully to counter divisive and hate speech and warmongering.

website maintenance and social media management
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