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REAL LIFE STORY: “How God Made Me Invisible To Guys Armed With Guns Who Came For Me”

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This story you are about to hear is %100 true. I will share with you the %100 raw account of what happened without refinement. It may come out crude But so be it. This event took place in late 2015

Growing up I always knew I was different but couldn’t figure out why. I had a terrible childhood that affected me in psychologically, emotionally, mentally and phsycally, but despite this the one area of my life that didn’t change is my bizzare benevolence and generosity . I say bizzare because most people wonder what kind of am human being I am. Without meaning to come off as self aggrandizing, I have difficulty in telling someone NO if I am in a position to help. It affects me mentally to see people suffer like I did. If I am starving and finally gets a meal, if,I see someone hungry I am prone to give that person my food rather than go through the day in emotionally anguish with the thought of that person going hungry with nobody to help. I do not bear grudges, neither do I term anyone my enemy. Make no mistake, I am not a saint, far from it. I have many flaws, I have flaws that may shock you…but that one area of my life that I can’t seem to change is my generosity and love. I get this “high” that sometimes brings me to tears when I help someone and see the expression of happiness and joy in the stunned expression of their faces. It’s a high that transcends what any drug can possibly replicate and as a result whenever I am blessed I seek out people to help, I really don’t care much about myself. There is no greater joy than in seeing the gratitude on the face of someone who once tried to have you killed after unexpectedly helping him. Because of this I barely have savings but surprisingly never lack. Can’t remember the last time I saved 50k in my account but sometimes in a given week I spend over N100,000 in aid to people without expecting anything in return. Unfortunately this leads people to believe I am who I am not – an extremely rich millionaire, as a result in have been the target of so many.

website maintenance and social media management

For the sake of time and space I will skip the events that led to this astonishing moment that till this day I cannot explain.

So after a week of feuds whereby I was beaten up in public, have my cloths and my N150k tab smashed, by a guy who less than a month ago i voluntarily gave my tab because his phone was bad and ironically was wearing the very cloths I gave him just days before, I finally decide to put the event behind me and move ahead. I lack the skill or remaining angry for an extended period of time or,keep malice.

It’s 8:30 pm at night when I get a call from this same guy unusually sounding unusually friendly, asking if I am home because he is on his way to see me, said he wants to talk. I said sure, I’m home. No sooner had I dropped the phone that I was immediately engulfed by an extreme sense of dread and anxiety. I tried to shrug it off but it only got worse, it was accompanied by the image of the event a week before where I was beaten up by the road side. Next thing I knew I found myself opening my gate and going outside. I looked at my foot and discovered I was bare footed. WTF !!. I decided to go back in and put on a shoe but instead found myself walking further away from the house. I decided to stop at a closed store and watch him come in .

Five minutes later to my astonishment I saw this guy, but he wasn’t alone, he was in the company of about three or four guys. They stood outside the gate while he went in. Then he called and and in a friendly tone said he was at my door. I asked him who he came with, he insisted he was alone. By this time I am under no illusion about what this is, an attack, ” to teach this show off boy who thinks he is better than me a lesson”.

So for nearly 30 minutes i waited for them to leave, finally I saw him come out, stood at my gate for a while before deciding to leave. Thinking they are gone I decided to go back andnfiufht out what just happened. I am a very emotionally sensitive guy and will do anything to avoid stress, especially emotional stress. When I was close to my gate I was again bombarded by this strange feeling of dread. NOT AGAIN! ! I said to myself. decided not to take chances, uncalled a friend and asked if I could come to his house, I had a pressing issue. He obliged. Told him I was getting a cab and asked if he could pay for it as I had nothing on me. He found it odd but again obliged.

Now there is only one pathway leading to the main road from my house. By this time its past 10:pm, the streets are mostly empty by now. So there I was, bare footed walking to the road to hail a cab, when suddenly it hit me that for the past five minutes I have not been walking alone. It’s hard to explain in words, how on earth Is this possible. Now all this happened in seconds. I looked at my side casually to see who it was, and to my astonishment it was this guy holding a gun. We were walking at the same pace and so close, the way and boy and his girl will walk, almost hand in hand. My spirit drove me to look at his face, the dude practically could not see me. I say the look of rage on his face and hate, it troubled me that I could be hated with such intensity…..but HE COULD NOTSEE ME !!

This is not an exaggeration. It is impossible not to see someone walking side side with you at the same pace in an empty street with no body in sight. He walked Sith me all the way to the road. When we got to the road i saw the other three guys that accompanied him to my place standing opposite the road, again they too could not see me. This felt like a dream but I was too stunned and scared to try to rationalise this. I crossed over and walked away from them tomthe opposite end as casually as I could. Each step felt like a thousand years, my heart was racing with fear. After having a childhood of uttering and pain and fear, trust me I knew hat fear was. But this type of fear was different, I never knew the human body could experience a fear like that. It’s hard to put in words really, the closest description I can give is “SHEER TERROR”. I took a cab and the rest is history.

The very next day I got a call from this guy saying I am a lucky man…” you get luck say you escape, I for blow your leg I you for know th kin person wey I be”

I will never forget this moment in my life. Its 11:41 pm July 8 2017, and as I type these words I’m having a hard time catching my breath, even after all this year’s I still experience the fear when I remember how lucky I was.

Now I realise that there may be people with diverse opinions and all, I respect that. But in my view an Angel of the Lord sent by Yaweh, Jehovah God was protect in me. A spontaneous feeling of dread out of no where is impossible. God saw what was about to happen and planted that overwhelming feeling of urgency to flee…a feeling so great I fled barefooted. God’s Angel made me invisible. I am not crazy, I was made invisible , I never even knew that was remotely possibly.

In conclusion. I am not born again, neither am i a saint. I am under no illusion I am holly or will make heaven if the rapture happens but I now realise one thing. Our God is a God of justice, God’s laws cannot be altered when judgement comes…but even though we live in the dark, even though we are not saved, so long as we are aluve and on Earth Jehovah God never never gives up in sinners, he never stops helping sinners, he never stops protecting us sinners while on Earth because he knows man, caught in the middle of a spiritual war is no match for the kingdom of darkness.

Demons outnumber man by a thousand to one. Bven when we turn our backs on him he never forsaken us , he protects us, he still gives us a chance regardless of our sins. If God turns his back on sinners the kingdom of darkness are prepared to slaughter %99 of humanity. Such is the hatred these demons have for us. Eons ago they were once holy, they served God with happiness. But when God created humans in his image they became jealous. They saw the incomprehensible amount of love God had for his new creature, a creature lower than the Angels in heaven. In their jealousy they rebelled and thrown out of heaven. Even though we fell from grace God though the death of his son bought us salvation and forgiveness, a gesture not extended to the fallen angels. This drives the devil MAD with envy, jealousy and hatred on a scale the human mind cannot possibly comprehend.

God is real folks. Everyday he fights for us, even though we may not realise or see this battle going on. It’s real. GOD is love, I have been a beneficiary of that love despite my sins and till the day I die I will never forget that.

website maintenance and social media management
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