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RELATIONSHIP TIPS: It’s been 7 years, how do I break out of the friend zone?

Relationship tipsRelationship tips

Dear Bukky,
I have a friend and we have been friends for up to seven years now.
I love her but she says we can’t be together without any reasons. I don’t know what to do about it, I have tried getting over it but it is not working. Help me please.

Isn’t this sign clear enough? I mean, it looks pretty obvious what’s happening here.

website maintenance and social media management

I’m sorry to break it to you but this is as clear as day – she’s not interested in having a relationship and frankly, she does not necessarily have to give you reasons.

Because you have been friends for such a long time, she might be reluctant to give you reasons for her rejection, especially if it’s something sensitive and she feels saying it might demoralize you or make you feel really bad.

I couldn’t really be sure but this looks to me like one of those times when you should just accept that you can’t have the girl and move on with your life.

Besides, it’s better to still have her as a friend than forcing the issue and losing her both as a friend and as a potential partner.

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website maintenance and social media management
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