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See How These 8 People Died During S*x


1. The Man Who Died During Sex Romp With Concubine

With the guise of going for a vigil in church, a fifty-two-year old from Ogun State left his pregnant wife alone in the dead of the night into the arms of another woman.
He’d suffered a partial stroke years ago after he lost his first wife to the ill-fated Sosoliso plane crash and had married another who was pregnant with their first child.
According to reports he had engaged in a marathon sex with his alleged lover and had died in the course of sexual intercourse.

website maintenance and social media management

2. The Kenya Pastor Who Tried To Eat The Forbidden Fruit

A Kenyan pastor died of an apparent overdose of Viagra which he took in preparation for a sex romp with his mistress inside a hotel room.
The pastor who was also a professional surveyor, had booked a room in the lodging facility at around 5 pm on the day of the incident and in anticipation of an all-night sex romp with the woman, he took an overdose of the Viagra.
The lover had hurriedly left the hotel alone barely 30 minutes after arriving with the deceased and this caused the suspicion of the hotel management who called the police after discovering the unclad body of the pastor.

3. The Man Who Wanted More Action

A fifty-year-old street cleaner from Ibadan had unintentionally caused the death of his lover after he drank herbal aphrodisiac before having sex with 48-year-old partner.
After taking the concoction, he proceeded with having sex with her and in the process, he realized that something was amiss when he noticed blood gushing out from her private part before he raised an alarm. She unfortunately died on the spot.

4. The Man With Three Wives Who Died During Sex With Secret Lover

Like the classic tale of Oliver Twist asking for more, a 63-year-old married man with three wives was been found dead during a marathon sex session with his married secret lover.
The man identified simply as Baba Ibeji, according to residents in his Oko-Oba, Lagos residence, is said to be so fond of women that he divorces and gets married every two years.

5. Mouth Gig Is A Bitch

While giving her 65-year-old boyfriend MouthAction, an elderly woman accidentally choked on his joystick. How this had happened is still unknown to persecutors today as they could have been warning signs before she eventually chocked to death, but apparently her lover had no idea she had died as he enjoyed himself.

6. The Man Who Smiled to the Grave

Rockefeller died on January 26, 1979, at age 70 from a heart attack. An initial report had incorrectly stated that he was at his office at Rockefeller Center working on a book about his art collection, and a security guard found him slumped over his desk.
long-time Rockefeller aide Joseph E. Persico said in the PBS documentary about the Rockefeller family “It became known that he had been alone with a young woman who worked for him, in undeniably intimate circumstances, and in the course of that evening had died from a heart attack.” What a way to go.

7. The Man Who Got What He Deserved

53-year-old Isabel Chavelo Gutierrez was on parole for going perv on a child in 1986. He was released 22 years later, but at 5-foot-7 and 250 pounds, he wasn’t in peak molesting condition…

Still, when he saw and unnamed 77-year-old woman at a post office in Refugio County, Texas, he felt the unstoppable need to forcibly have her.
So the next day he rode his bicycle two miles to her home, then broke in through a screen door. He started to rape the woman at knifepoint by handling her, but suddenly stopped after saying he wasn’t feeling well.

Gutierrez rested for a moment, then once again tried to consummate his rape. But the woman says he once again rolled over and stopped.

She thought he’d simply passed out, since she smelled liquor on his breath. So she bolted the home and called her daughter, who in turn called police. When the cops arrived at the woman’s home, they found Gutierrez dead, apparently from a heart attack.

8. The 76-Year-Old Who Refused to Retire

A 76-year-old retired school principal died while exerting himself on an 18-year-old girl he was having sex with in Enugu.
Apparently after he died the girl’s screams had alerted passerby and he was found sprawled Unclad on the floor, foaming in the mouth in the father’s house of the said girl. Before he could be rushed to the hospital, he had given up the ghost.
According to the girl, this was not the first time she and the deceased had been having sex and that while they were at it, her old lover suddenly developed a seizure and slumped to the floor.

website maintenance and social media management
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