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See List Of 6 Nigerian States With The Largest Number Of Muslims, No.1 Is Not Even A Northern State


The month of Ramadan for the Muslims is a month of fasting, prayer, devotion and giving of alms and many other indications of higher piety.

In northern Nigeria, the population of Muslims is larger than that of Christians. Below is a list of states with the largest population of Muslims:

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1. Lagos

Lagos state is easily the most populated state in Nigeria. It has a population of 20,384,299, with 13,249,749 being Muslims.

2. Kano 

Kano state comes in second place. Out of a population of 9,383,682 , about 9,196,008 are Muslims.

3. Katsina

Katsina state with a population of 5,792,578, has 5,502,949 Muslims, which is up to 99% of the population. The capital of Katsina is Katsina.

4. Kaduna 

Kaduna state has a population of 6,066,562, 4,853,249 of this, that is 80% are Muslims.

5. Jigawa

Jigawa state with a population of 4,348,649 has 4,261,676 Muslims.

6. Borno

Borno state with a population of 4,151,193 has a Muslim population of 4,068,169.

website maintenance and social media management
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