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See Photos Of How Donald Trump Secret Service Details Operate


The US Secret Service has an enormous task protecting President Donald Trump and his family, due in part to their complex structure.

Trump’s adult children remain closely connected to the president while also maintaining the family business, and they must all be kept under federal protection.

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Costs for guarding the Trumps were estimated to eventually surpass that of President Barack Obama’s eight years in office.

Most of the costs have been accrued by Trump’s frequent weekend visits to his golf courses and Mar-a-Lago, in Florida.

It costs a fortune to protect the first family, about $120m was allocated recently.

There was also significant backlash from New York City residents over the high security costs for first lady Melania Trump and their son, Barron, while he finished the school year in Manhattan, however the two have since moved to Washington DC.

Brief Info About The Secret Service

  • Agents are more than bodyguards.
  • They use quirky code names: The US Secret Service uses code names (assigned by White House Communications agency) for the US Presidents, first ladies, and prominent persons and places.
  • All presidents and first ladies have Secret Service protection for life, and further that any children of former presidents get Secret Service protection until they turn 16.
  • The Beast aka US President’s state car has no keyholes on its doors.

    The way to open the doors on the limousine is a secret known only to the Secret Service.
    It has alse been reported that there are threee identical Limos that to throw off any would be attackers.
    The car is hermetically sealed with theability to generate its own atmosphere in the event of a chemical or biological attack.
    No exact specs on how thick the armor plating is but its been reported that the car could withstand the direct hit from a tank round without causing damage to the occupants inside the car.
    With things like rocket propelled grenades, night vision optics and these multi spectrum infrared smoke grenades that allegedly work as a counter measure for RPG’s and Anti tank missiles you could easily put up a fight if needed.
    But the main objective is to keep one occupants alive no matter the cost.
    Anytime the Beast is moving there will be a motorcade of about 20 vehicles following him and one of those will be carrying medics that will be attending to the Commander in Chief in no time flat.

    It has a private plane that transport it wherever the President goes.

  • Secret Service agents use a presidential limousine for cover from spraying water as President Donald Trump lands via Marine One helicopter in New York, May 4, 2017.


Secret Service agents maintain a watch before President Donald Trump departs for a trip to the G20 Summit from the White House in Washington, July 5, 2017.

A Secret Service counter-assault team member keeps watch from the roof of the White House during a potential security threat on the North Lawn in Washington, May 31, 2017.

website maintenance and social media management
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