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See Top 10 Most Shocking Gang Initiation Rituals


Criminal gangs have started up across the globe spreading their organized crime as far as they can. While not much is often known of these gangs, today SUPERLATIVES takes a look at 10 of the most Insane and Shocking Gang Initiation Rituals. If you’ve thought of joining of these 10, you may want to re-consider!
FACT #1 – 0:05 : Hells Angels “Piss Jacket”

FACT #2 – 0:50 : United Blood Nation (Bloods) “Buck Fifty Slashing”

website maintenance and social media management

FACT #3 – 1:50 : Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) “Kill and Sexed In”

FACT #4 – 2:50 : The Numbers Gang “Separated”

FACT #5 – 3:48 : Aryan Brotherhood “Blood in, Blood Out”

FACT #6 – 4:38 : Knights Templar Knight “Heart Eating”

FACT #7 – 5:27 : Junky Funky Kids (JFK) “Lined In”

FACT #8 – 6:25 : Chinese Triads “Blood Drinking”

FACT #9 – 7:16 : Latin Kings “Killed In”

FACT #10 – 8:02 : Mac Baller Brims “Jumped In”

This world is an incredible place. SUPERLATIVES aims at bringing you the most interesting top 10 videos on YouTube. Whether its facts, educational or just plain interesting, I love it all. There is SO much out there, and I want to learn and educate you on as much as we can!


website maintenance and social media management
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