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Shocking!!! Thieves Steal An Entire Church Building, See 2 Other Biggest Items Ever Stolen In History


Every now and then, we hear of theft carried out by an individual or a group, but these things are usually relatively small and can be carried away by anyone, but have you ever imagined someone stealing a yatch, building or even an entire bridge?

Find below, the list of some of the biggest things ever stolen

website maintenance and social media management

1. A fully loaded oil tanker
Actually, three of them, within the span of a year and a half, all stolen by Somali pirates. They were under the watch of the Nigerian Navy, which leads many to believe that perhaps the Nigerian Navy was in on the heist, which stinks if you’re in any part of the Nigerian Navy because at this point, your organization is either hopelessly corrupt or hopelessly inept.

2. An entire orthodox church

An entire Orthodox Church was stolen in Russia in 2008. Apparently locals from a nearby village dismantled the abandoned church brick by brick and sold the bricks to a businessman. One day a priest showed up, and the church wasn’t there. Words like “Grave Sin” and “Blasphemy” were thrown around.

3. Tank

A man who had nothing to lose stole an M60 tank from the California Army National Guard Armory in May of 1995. He ran over everything he could at the tank’s max speed of 30 MPH for 23 minutes until the police surrounded him, and sadly he was shot.

website maintenance and social media management
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