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Why Do Men Smell Down There? How To Eliminate The Odor?


A friend visited me recently and we got talking, cutting across different subjects.we discussed if it’s healthy/hygienic to administer MouthAction on a female partner and my friend was like, Gosh!!!, never in his entire life week he try it.I asked him why, his response was that down there smells. The next thing he said got my attention and that’s what I want us to talk about. He said even men’s private smells not to talk ladies own.we got into a serious argument cuz I disagreed, telling him that if the region is well cared for, it will be void of any foul odour.he left and I did some research about it.

Have you ever been concern about the way you smell down there? Do you think MouthAction is one of the best things in the world but you are not lucky enough because of your joystick odor? Are you ready to eradicate the smell and add aroma and flavors to your sex life? If the answer is big “YES”, Read on:

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Beside bad breath and smelly armpits, joystick odor is also one of the major turn offs on the male body. Genital odor can have major adverse effect to one’s self-esteem and confidence and may directly affect his sex life. Getting rid of genital odor can give both couples new level of confidence and improve the way both couples experience oral pleasure.

Where does male genital odor come from?

Well, it’s just sweat and moisture mixed with natural bacteria on your skin. Initially sweat is odorless, but when it comes in contact with normal bacteria in our skin, they break down the sweat to produce offensive odor. However joystick odor may be present even without excessive perspiration or bacteria. Some foods (Garlic, onion, and asparagus) and drinks, alcohol, or certain medications can also produce bad genital odor.

How do you eliminate male genital odor?

Take regular bath

Take bath every day and every time after strenuous activity like soccer, exercise etc. Focus on inner thigh, groin, scrotum, foreskin and armpits.

Trim the hair short

The hair down there can trap moisture that may prevent skin to stay cool and dry resulting in pungent smell. You may clean shave yourself down there, but if you are uncomfortable with it, trimming very short can help keep away with the odor.

Wash carefully n properly

When you wash , get into every corner and details, and if you’re uncircumcised, the odor may be the result of a buildup of smegma beneath the foreskin. If this is the problem, then cleaning the area will wipe out the joystick odor.

Dry out the groin area

Another trick to avoid odor is to dry out the moisture. Consider using hair drier to completely dry the genitals. Damp underwear and excess sweating are the major contributors that facilitate bacterial or fungal growth. So make sure to use clean and dry undergarments.

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