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“Your v**ina SHOULD smell; If your man doesn’t like it, DUMP him!” – Doctor urges women

smelly vaginalsmelly vaginal

A Canadian doctor, Dr Jen Gunter, has urged women with ‘smelly vaginas’ to dump boyfriends, husbands, male partners with benefit who complain about the natural smell of their private parts.

According to Dr. Jen, a v**ina should smell. It is a ‘form of abuse’ when men complain and women should not feel ashamed or feel they have to resort to buying harmful products that create artificial odours.

website maintenance and social media management


These harmful products, she says, upset the v**ina’s natural pH balance and leave you at a greater risk of infections like gonorrhoea and even HIV.

Writing in her latest blog newsletter, the Canadian gynecologist revealed she once dumped a boyfriend for complaining about the smell of her private parts.

She wrote:

‘I once dated a guy who insinuated my v**ina did not smell right. He was an a** in other ways too. For example, he thought my hair would be better if it were straight. Sadly I took the bait, it wasn’t.

website maintenance and social media management
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